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-elevated soft glam makeup-

limited 2024 dates available 



lash + brow enhancements 

facials, makeup, waxing

teeth whitening


botox/dysport, filler, sculptra IPL photofacial, Morpheus8

RF skin tightening

Med Aesthetics


Our NP Nurse Injector specializes in Dysport/Botox, Restylane fillers and Sculptra.

Visit us for a free consultation and take the first step in achieving your aesthetic goals.


Microneedling + radiofrequency that remodels + contours the face & body. 

Treats: wrinkles, scars, loose skin, texture, acne scars, fat pads, and more.

IPL photofacial-

Intense Pulse Light(IPL) device is used to target and destroy red + brown pigment cells in the skin.

Treats: hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, rosacea, redness, and broken capillaries.

skin tightening-

Comfortable + non-invasive treatment to tighten skin with no downtime.

Radiofrequency device stimulates collagen production + improves skin elasticity. 

Beauty studio

brow lamination-

lifts + stretches natural brow hairs with a 2-step processing solution.
also includes: color enhancement, wax/tweeze/trim, conditioning treatment

lash lift-

lifts + stretches natural lashes with a 2-step processing solution. also includes: color enhancement, conditioning treatment + serum


hair-like brow strokes manually created by using a hand tool with nano needles to add density + structure + shape to brows.

lash extensions-

Cashmere synthetic, faux mink lashes applied on individual natural lashes.
Classic or Hybrid available.


Signature- customized treatment curated by Esthetician for client needs + goals.
Lift & Glow- Comprehensive 90 minute treatment that includes: signature facial, dermaplaning, and radiofrequency.
Wedding- facial experience designed for Brides prior to wedding.


Bridal Trial- JKB Brides only. Meet your Artist + bring bridal makeup vision to life.
Makeup Application- Customized makeup looks. Perfect for photos or events.
1:1 Makeup Lesson- private instruction, education, application, and product recommendations.

teeth whitening-

Patented pre-filled mouth tray + accelerator UV light lifts stains + whitens teeth
2-8 shades in only 30 mins.
Little to NO sensitivity or pain. Enamel safe.
Take home a whitening pen to further whiten teeth and prevent any new staining.

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