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When should you book the Makeup Artist you want for your Wedding Day

This is probably one of the most important days in your life, as a woman. Soon after the engagement, you are flooded, and quite overwhelmed, with a task list of things you need to do to plan your wedding. If you are brave, and decide to be your own Wedding Planner, you are suddenly slapped in the face with the daunting reality of how much goes into planning your ideal//PERFECT Wedding.

There are Wedding checklists, and suggested timelines, for when you should book your venue, vendors, dress, etc. However, I have noticed one thing that is consistently inaccurate- the suggested timeline of "when you should book your Makeup Artist".

If your Wedding is on a Saturday, the first things you need to book:: venue and vendors.

In the Rochester area, there is a small community of trusted, professional wedding vendors, and we book up quickly. Also, did you notice how I said PROFESSIONAL wedding vendors? It is CRUCIAL to do your research and read reviews..ask for recommendations from your married friends! You need to be able to put all of your trust in this person, along with a contracted agreement.

I have 3 years experience, with 100's of Weddings, as a Wedding Makeup Artist in the Rochester, NY area. I book Saturday Weddings about 9 months-1 year before the Wedding date.

With that being said, I probably have to turn down 50-100+ Wedding day requests from Brides that have waited too long to book with me as their Artist. Before you even nail down a date, I would begin your research for Makeup Artists, who specialize in Weddings. That way, when you have your date and venue, you can contact your preferred Artist immediately, and they are more likely to have your date available. Also, I would be sure to have a top 3 preferred Makeup Artist, if your top choice is booked, you can move onto contacting the next preferred Artist on your list.

Don't spend too long "shopping" for the best deals for your Wedding Day. You need to invest in the best to get the best. So, that also means you need to contact and book your favorite Makeup Artist ASAP.

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